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Welcome to Basic Action Games! We are the makers of BASH! Ultimate Edition, a fast-paced, rules-lite superhero rpg and Honor + Intrigue Swashbuckling Rpg.

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The entire Intriguing Options collection has been combined in a single book. In this supplement to the Honor + Intrigue Swashbuckling RPG, we add an array of options for your historical campaigns as well as rules and tools to take your game to the stars or into the realms of high fantasy. The Kickstarter funded successfully and the PDF of the book is now available on DriveThru, with the Print-On-Demand option coming soon.

Introduction: Greetings, eager intriguer! Be not beleaguered! For in this tome we offer players and GMs an array of intriguing options to add variety, depth, and dimension to any game of Honor + Intrigue. Do not think of this as a book of rules… they’re more like… guidelines on how to adapt your campaign in various ways.

  • Rules + Story gives lots of new optional and alternate rules to use with your campaign, as well as story ideas to insert into your campaign.
  • The Duelist’s Guide focuses on dueling with new Maneuvers, guidelines for making your own, all previously published dueling styles plus many new ones, guidelines for making new dueling styles.
  • Blasters + Intrigue focuses on taking your campaign to the stars. This section is a primer on running a swashbuckling campaign set in a space opera or other sci-fi setting.
  • Nonhuman Characters focuses on expanding your available cast of characters for sci-fi and fantasy swashbuckling. It includes guidelines and tools to help you build your own fantasy and science fiction folk as well as over 50 sample PC ancestries.
  • Spells + Spellcasters introduces an alternate high-fantasy magic system which brings wizards, paladins, druids, clerics, psionicists, and magic items to your campaign.
New Material
If you already have Intriguing Options 1-4 and the Duelist's Guide as PDFs, this is your chance to get them in print, all together in full color. In addition. we've added some more content to most sections. More rules options to try at the table. More dueling styles (10 new ones since the Duelist's Guide premiered, with six focused on high-tech weaponry). More ships, vehicles, and starships for your Blasters + Intrigue campaign. More magic items for your fantasy games. It also has a full index as well as indices for specific information, such as all the new Boons and Flaws, all the Spells, all the Vehicle stats, a quick reference for Sci-Fi Vehicle Boons & Flaws, etc. And of course, backers will receive a special thanks in the closing credits!

Tome of Intriguing Options Kickstarter Succeeded!

Thank You Backers!

Support for the Honor + Intrigue Line

If you like our game and want to discuss it or play with folks online, come down to the Basic Action Games Discord server.

While everything you need to play Honor + Intrigue is in this book, there is also a line of support products you can use with your campaign including:

Intriguing Options 1 CoverIntriguing Options 2 CoverIntriguing Options 3 CoverIntriguing Options 4 CoverDuelist's Guide Cover

Dueling Maneuver Cards CoverGM Screen Inserts Cover


Awesome Powers Omnibus Now in Print-On-Demand!

Awesome Powers Omnibus Cover

Awesome Powers is here to help you fight the latest evil peril to threaten the planet! Awesome Powers is a quintessential companion to the BASH! Ultimate Edition role playing game. 

Featuring hundreds of powers build with the BASH! Ultimate Edition rules, the Omnibus is a streamlined and consolidated compendium of the best of the entire Awesome Powers collection.

Contents Include:

  • A complete and updated compendium of all powers (old and new) in BASH! Ultimate Edition. Hundreds of pre-designed powers make it easier to build a Hero or Villain that fits your vision.
  • Powers are organized into thematic Power Suites.
  • Random character creation tables organized by Power Suites for random characters who fit a theme! With a couple of d6s you can generate unlimited potential characters. Use the Power Suites to make your random build fit a theme, or be as random as you want by rolling each power individually.
  • Rules updates, options, and advice for Narrators. 
  • Limitations and Enhancements to help you customize your powers. This includes not only all the new ones developed for Awesome Powers, but also those previously published, so everything you need is all in one place!
  • Customize your character with full and expanded Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Updated and expanded equipment lists, including gadgets and magical artifacts as well as “ordinary” equipment and Equipment Enhancements.
  • 36 Sample Hero and Villain cards that can be played with at the table. 
  • Dozens of printable miniatures to cut and paste and use at the table.

  Honor + Intrigue won "Judges Spotlight Award" at the 2012 ENnies!

Want to see what all the fuss is about?  Get your copy of Honor + Intrigue today!  Look below for the purchase option you like best.

  Honor + Intrigue is available in hardcover Print On Demand and PDF from Drivethrurpg. The beige classic cover is available in softcover from Lulu.

There is also now a range of support products for the Honor + Intrigue line including adventure modules, the Duelist's Guide, Dueling Maneuver Cards, GM Screen Inserts, and the Intriguing Options line which allows you to make your swashbuckling campaign a Space Opera or High Fantasy epic complete with a wide array of alien species and fantasy folk.

Want it all? Check out the Honor + Intrigue Bundle on
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POD and PDF Now Available for Purchase from

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Basic Action Games is happy to announce our new product line , Honor + Intrigue, is now available!

Honor + Intrigue is a new, standalone game from Basic Action Games. Inspired as much by Hollywood as by history, Honor + Intrigue pays homage to the swashbucklers of the silver screen as well as great works such as those of Dumas and Sabatini. Game Masters should feel free to use history as a source of inspiration, not a restriction. True to its inspiration, Honor + Intrigue plays fast and cinematic, leaving the focus on drama and action unfolding. 

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